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 Our aim is
Improve the health and performance of your employees and your business

 Reduce absenteeism

 Improve company morale

 Aid recruitment and retention

 Improve your company image

 What to do Next?
 If you are interested in any of the Health Works Programmes or Events please contact as follows:

 T: 028 9052 2095
E: info@makehealthwork.co.uk

The Health Works website is currently being updated.
In the short term we have provided you with details on our home page of two of our most popular courses.

For further enquiries about our range of services contact Janet Coleman, our programme manager, on 028 9052 2095.
Eat Well, Think Well, Work Well

How useful would it be for you to learn how to take more control of your mental, emotional and physical state?
The course provides participants with a complete and holistic view of the key elements of a healthy lifestyle, and has a particular focus on managing and preventing stress.
Call the Health Works Office now on 028 9052 2095 for further details of upcoming courses.

What people say about this course...

“The Eat Well, Think Well, Work Well programme benefited our Human Resources team in so many ways. Not only did they get an insight into their own health status, were given advice on nutrition, building resilience and how to make positive lifestyle changes, the programme was delivered in a way that had a team building effect as everyone laughed and learned together. The evaluations were excellent and I highly recommend the programme.”

Myra Weir
Assistant Director of Human Resources (Organisation & Workforce Development)
South Eastern HSC Trust


Leading and Managing Change 

How useful would it be to understand your staff at a much deeper level, identify how to motivate them, understand what makes them tick and make the best use of their skills and attributes?
This course has been specifically developed for leaders and managers in the context of managing and leading change.
Call the Health Works Office now on 028 9052 2095 for further details of upcoming courses.


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